Diploma in Business Administration

Program Highlights

There is a tremendous global requirement for young business management graduates to have excellent skills that can add value to the organization. The Pathway Diploma in Business Management shall focus on preparing the students with the knowledge and skills required by global organizations. The program would develop critical requirements expected at your university of choice, such as enhancing your existing knowledge and skills in the English Language, Computer Skills, Critical thinking skills, Presentation and Communication Skills and Academic Skills.

Entry Requiremet
10 + 2 Minimum 65% Aggregate Score

Duration of the Course
The ITM Pathway Diploma is a 1 year full-time course spread over 2 semesters.

Modules in Pathways Diploma in Business Administration
• Fundamentals of Marketing
• Fundamentals of Accounting
• Human Resources Management
• Introduction to Economics
• Introduction to Management
• Developing Communication and Critical Skills -1 and 2
• Foreign Language: French/Spanish-1 and 2
• International Business
• Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
• Introduction to Operations Management
• Retail Management
• Introduction to Data Analytics
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